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A dilemma in the management of fetal pleural effusion: A case report of two cases

Lilibeth Lim-Navarro, MD and Nephtali M. Gorgonio, MD
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Fetal Pleural Effusion is a rare case whose management is still a matter of debate.

Its course may spontaneously resolve or lead to pulmonary hypoplasia and result in death in utero or poor neonatal outcome. This paper is a report of 2 cases and their course, from prenatal diagnosis of Pleural Effusion to delivery. This report includes sonographic scans, description of the laboratory work – up and other imaging tests that were done. The 1st case report was successfully managed with Thoraco-amniotic shunting, while the 2nd case was seen late and had an adverse neonatal outcome.

This case report was done to increase awareness among obstetricians and sonologists in offering counsel to patients and their families, especially in our low resource set-up, where in in utero interventions are not available.