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Validation of readings of locally made cardiotocogram (RxBox 2) model 2 compared with standard equipment

Serines Virian D.C. Decano, MD and Angela S. Aguilar, MD, MBA, MSRB, FPOGS, FPSRM, FPSGE
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines-Manila

Background: The RxBox 2 Model 2 is a portable device developed by the National TeleHealth Center capable of measuring various physiologic signals including fetal heart beat and uterine contractions, making it able to act as a cardiotocogram. The first model of the RxBox 2 was used in an observational cross-sectional study and was noted to have a low accuracy compared with the standard cardiotocogram. An adjustment was made with the objective of improving the sensitivity and specificity.

Objective: The objective of this diagnostic cross-sectional study is to validate the RxBox 2 Model 2 by comparing its sensitivity and specificity with that of the standard cardiotocogram in detecting Category II traces.

Results: The results of this study exhibited an improvement in the sensitivity (77% versus 60%) and specificity (71% versus 61%). In terms of accuracy, there is no significant difference between the high risk and non-high risk groups. These contribute to the validity of RxBox 2 Model 2 as an acceptable screening tool.

Recommendation: Further studies may still be done to improve the correlation of each component of the trace to that of the standard cardiotocogram. Detailed analysis of the interpretations with corresponding interventions and perinatal outcomes may aid in validating the device.