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Pulseless: A rare case of successful pregnancy complicated with active Takayasu’s Arteritis

Rhoselle P. Miguel, MD and Lily Rose dela Concepcion-Co, MD, FPOGS
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Metropolitan Medical Center

Takayasu’s arteritis or Pulseless Disease is a rare inflammatory disease of the arteries that affects women of childbearing age. Vigilance is necessary, since they can develop devastating complications such as hypertension, multiple organ dysfunction, stenosis that hinder regional blood flow, and restricted intrauterine growth. The objectives of this paper are to present a rare case of successful pregnancy in active Takayasu’s arteritis, to discuss complication of active Takayasu’s arteritis in pregnancy, and to discuss management of pregnancy with active Takayasu’s arteritis. A case of a 35-year-old primigravida, who spontaneously conceived with an active case of Takayasu’s arteritis is presented. Currently, management of Takayasu’s arteritis is ambiguous and no consensus is offered during pregnancy. An interdisciplinary collaboration of obstetricians, perinatologists, rheumatologists, nephrologists and pediatricians are indispensable to improve maternal and fetal prognosis.