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Rectus abdominis endometriosis: A case report

Ann Kamille Tanes, MD and Marian C. Dichoso, MD, FPOGS, FPSRM
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, De La Salle University - Cavite

Abdominal wall endometriosis is suspected in patients who complain of cyclic tender mass within or adjacent to a caesarean section scar. Ultrasound, magnetic resonance image and computed tomography are helpful tools used to diagnose abdominal endometriosis however histologic examination is required for confirmation. The standard treatment for abdominal wall endometrioma is surgical excision. Proper surgical techniques could prevent abdominal wall endometriosis after uterine surgery. This is a case of a 30 G2P2 (2002) who presented with paraumbilical pain after 2 cesarean sections and previous excision of abdominal wall endometrioma. She underwent excision of the mass and histopath confirmed the presence of endometriosis in the rectus abdominis muscle. Abdominal wall endometrioma is often found in the subcutaneous fatty layer. Its presence in the rectus abdominis is quite rare.