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Sheehan's syndrome in a patient presenting with organizing hematoma of the maxillary sinus

Viktoria Ines P. Matibag, MD and Ma. Cristina P. Crisologo, MD, FPOGS
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines-Manila

Sheehan's syndrome is a rare complication of post-partum hemorrhage that has decreased in incidence in the past decade due to better obstetrical practices, although still seen in developing countries. This is a case of a 31-year-old Gravida 1 Para 1 (1-0-0-0) with a 1-year history of enlarging maxillary sinus mass, where an incidental finding of an empty sella in an MRI with contrast was noted. The patient had amenorrhea of 15 years and received no medications for her undiagnosed Sheehan's syndrome incurred during her first and only pregnancy. The patient?s cardiomyopathy and organizing hematoma may be rare complications of Sheehan's syndrome. Patients, laymen, health practitioners, and traditional birth attendants should be informed of these complications. Treatment should be individualized and administered after diagnosing a patient with Sheehan's syndrome to prevent complications such as adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, infertility, and seen in this case, acute heart failure and possibly organizing hematoma.