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Management of pregnancy in a woman with spina bifida: A case report

Myza C. Espallardo, MD and Judith M. Sison, MD, FPOGS, FPSURPS
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

With advancements in corrective surgery for spina bifida since the 1960s, affected women are now reaching adulthood and achieving pregnancies. However, the implications on reproductive health?especially in pregnancy?are rarely studied.
We are presenting a case of a woman born with spina bifida who has undergone surgical repair and closure of the defect at 4 years old, as well as surgical management for tethered cord at 13 years old. She lived productively into adulthood, became pregnant and delivered vaginally to a healthy baby despite various obstetrical challenges. In the care for this patient, we faced recurrent urinary tract infections, the risk of preterm delivery and the task of coordinated multidisciplinary care to solve dilemmas in decision making.

Through this case report, we were able to share our experience, explore the most recent evidence to support our clinical decisions and hopefully serve as a basis for future clinical practice recommendations.