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Mullerian adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth in a premenopausal patient

Celeste Zamuco-Francisco, MD, FPOGS and Renee Vina G. Sicam, MD, FPOGS, FSGOP, FPSGE
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines-Manila

We report a case of a 33-years old, nulligravid, diagnosed with mullerian adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth (MASO), who presented with vaginal bleeding and recurrent endometrial polyp. MASO is a rare type of uterine sarcomas, it is a variant of adenosarcomas with poor prognosis.

The index patient underwent primary surgical management with lymphadenectomy with a final stage of IC. Histologic diagnosis was Mulllerian adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth. A panel of immunostaining for estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and CD 10 showed diffused positivity for the hormones with loss of CD 10 which is consistent with MASO.

The rarity of MASO has a distinctive histologic features which merits meticulous sectioning as the clinical course and management vary. It has a poor prognosis due to its short and fast course of the disease.