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Twisted fate: Successful management of hypovolemic shock due to abruptio placenta secondary to uterine torsion complicated by unilateral absence of adnexa

Kimberly Christine B. Melchor, MD; Lily Rose dela Concepcion-Co, MD, FPOGS
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Metropolitan Medical Center

Uterine Torsion is defined as rotation of the uterus of more than 45 degrees on its long axis. It is an unusual complication of pregnancy and for most obstetricians, it probably represents “once-in-a-lifetime” diagnosis. A 32-year old multipara at 30 week gestation with abdominal pain is presented. Laparotomy was performed for the diagnosis of hypovolemic shock secondary to suspected abruptio placenta. Intraoperatively, uterine torsion was observed with unilateral absence of the right adnexa. Prompt decision making with aggressive immediate management resulted to favorable maternal outcome.