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Cervical length measurement using an improvised cervicometer as a predictor of spontaneous preterm birth in uncomplicated pregnancies in a tertiary hospital in Southern Luzon in 2015: A cohort study

Melanie P. Mendoza, MD and Honorata Lalaine P. Burog, MD, FPOGS, FPSSTD
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Batangas Medical Center

Preterm birth is a major public health problem and cervical length measurement using transvaginal ultrasound is the gold standard for predicting its occurrence. However, its cost and the limited availability of equipment and trained sonologists has limited its use only for screening for high risk patients and those with history of preterm birth. Those patients without risk factors are not recommended for routine screening although they constitute the majority of spontaneous preterm deliveries. The newly marked cervicometer, Cervilenz©, an easy-to-use and cheaper device, has been found to be comparable to transvaginal ultrasound in predicting preterm birth and may be used to universally screen all patients regardless of their risk status, however, at present, it is only available in the United States.